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Savitaipale municipality
Kirkkotie 6
54800 Savitaipale
Tel. +358 40 1586 542
Fax +358 5 467 201

Savitaipale is situated on Lake Kuolimo. Renowned for its clear water, Kuolimo flows into Lake Saimaa by way of the Partakoski and Kärnäkoski rapids. The crystal-clear waterways are not just a truly magnificent setting for canoeing and boating trips but they are also an endless source of fascination for diving enthusiasts. In wintertime there is a skating event and the skating route goes around the nearby island of Lake Kuolimo.


  • Established 1639
  • Population 3863 (31.12.2010)
  • Area 694 km2
  • Water area 153 km2
  • Permanent residences 2500
  • Summer cottages 2500
To Lappeenranta36
To Mikkeli70
To Helsinki220
To Vyborg90
To St. Petersburg250


  • Kärnäkoski fortress and the old barge harbour
    • Built as a defence fortification during the period of Russian rule 1790 - 1793. The restored fortress is a popular place for excursions.
  • The church builders' museum
  • The Granite church
    • Since 1924 the granite church has been standing where the old wooden churches once stood that burned down. The church was designed by the architect Josef Stenbäck
  • The Hakamäki museum
  • Ridge landscapes and the kettle holes moulded by nature




  • Indoor swimming pool Suvanto
  • Sapassi week in July
    • Events and happenings include rowing trips in an old "church boat", conserts, country markets, fairs and exhibitions
  • Säänjärvi dance pavilion in the summer
  • Marked hiking route to Lepänkanto
  • The Char's Path from the village to Kärnäkoski
  • Areena Ice Stadium in the wintertime
  • Sport activity house - ball games, exercise activities
  • International tennis tournament at the middle of June


  • Aino Uski Design Ky, art of textiles
  • Risto Hämäläinen, ceramics
  • Mäkelän Takomo Oy, forge products
  • T:mi Kaino, ceramics and textiles
  • Sorvikivi Oy, floating stones
  • Tuliniekka Oy, candles
  • Reiposen tila, meat products